Block 3

In this episode we see 4 short films:
1. stevilka 3 (= number 3) Authors: Pierre Martin, Jasna Merklin, Camille Tang Quynh, Kris Van Den Bulck. A bosnian guest worker in Slovenia earns money for his family as a garbage man.
2. Kje Sem? (=Where am I?) Authors: Julia Minet, Jovana Stojaković. That’s how tourists enjoy the beautiful city of Ljubljana. Their most important accessories: A sun hat and a camera.
3. Bazen (= swimming pool) Authors: Zahra Horma, João Melo, Paulin Amato. The former swimming pool of the paper factory in Krsko was once a big attraction and became a symbol of socialism for the people in Krsko.
4. Pesmi mladosti (= songs of the youth) Authors: Elle Hesnan, Andreea Udrea. The inhabitans of Krsko’s elderly home enjoy singing very old traditional songs. They keep an important cultural asset away from being forgotten.



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